Housemarque’s tour de force becomes the epitome of the roguelite genre.

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Finnish game developer Housemarque was one of the most prominent 2D arcade creators from the last decade. The team was responsible for the very successful Resogun and Nex Machina. Both titles receive award nominations and positive reviews from critics, but the latter did not perform as expected sales-wise. In a blog post co-founder Ilari Kuittinen, revealed that those sales numbers made him and his team question their ability to pitch games to new publishers, even stating that they felt single-player arcade games were dead.

Believing that a change had…

Uma série fora de época que retrata uma realidade suburbana, que é menos mundana do que aparenta ser. Ao subverter estereótipos e entregar além das expectativas, o show é imperdível para os fãs de super-heróis.

(Credits: IGN)

O ano passado foi tranquilo para o Universo Cinemático da Marvel (MCU). Após os eventos de Endgame, o MCU encerrou sua terceira fase e nos deixou com uma escasses de conteúdo sobre os heróis mais poderosos da Terra. O filme da Viúva Negra deveria dar inicio a fase quatro de filmes para a Marvel, mas devido o pequeno detalhed do COVID-19 o projeto foi adiado. …

An out-of-time piece of entertainment that portrays a suburban reality, with more than meets the eye. While subverting stereotypes and flipping expectations the show is a must-watch for superhero fans.

(Credits: IGN)

Last year, was an uneventful one for the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). After the events from Endgame, the MCU wrapped up its third phase and left us with a drought of content regarding earth's mightiest heroes. Black Widow was supposed to kickstart us into Marvel’s phase-four, but due to COVID-19 the project was postponed so what propels the fandom into a new phase, is Marvel’s first (official non-Netflix) series WandaVision, and just like everything that Kevin Feige touches it looks amazing and bound to leave fans satisfied.

Created by Jac Shaeffer (The Hustle, Captain Marvel), directed by…

Uma série fascinante que vai além das expectativas óbvias associadas a uma série de investigação e suspense.

Fiquei ansioso quando vi pela primeira vez o trailer de “The Flight Attendant”, parecia um thriller intrigante e eu tinha acompanhado a atriz principal Kaley Cuoco através do Instagram em seu dia-a-dia durante as filmagens e produção deste show, então eu senti que fazia parte desse projeto de uma forma estranha. …

A fascinating and very entertaining show, that goes beyond what meets the eye.

I was stoked when I first saw the trailer for “The Flight Attendant”, it felt like an intriguing thriller and I had accompanied the lead actress Kaley Cuoco through Instagram in her day-to-day throughout shooting and production of this show, so I felt that I was a part of that project in a weird way. Notably, this HBO Max series is an adaptation of the book “The Flight Attendant” by Chris Bohjalian, which I have never heard or read about, but it surely got me intrigued.


Good timing, unexpected flair, and remarkable quirkiness place the show amongst the best of the year.

(Credit: Apple TV)

I’m not going to lie and pretend that I was excited to see this show, in actuality I had no desire or knowledge about whatever it was. I wasn’t even aware it existed until I was reminded that I had an Apple TV subscription to use. Among all the subscription services I guess this one was the one I gave the least amount of attention (even though their Apple TV platform is amazing), coming back to Apple TV was a result of telling myself I needed to get out of the endless cycle of “The Office” and “Friends” playing in…

Not for the faint of heart, a visually stunning movie that gets lost in it’s devilish premises, and could’ve taken less than all the time.

(Credits: ScreenRant)

The latest movie release from Netflix is the star-studded adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock’s novel “The Devil All The Time”. Directed by Antonio Campos (Christine, Simon Killer, Afterschool) who found success amongst critics and the film festival circuit in his previous works, his latest project was received with lukewarm reviews from critics, while charming and impressing audiences. With a cast consisting of Tom Holland (Spider-Man, Uncharted), Sebastian Stan (Captain America: Winter Soldier, Logan Lucky, I, Tonya), Bill Skarsgård (IT, Deadpool 2, Hemlock Grove), Robert Pattinson (Tenet, The Lighthouse, The Batman), and Jason Clarke, Riley Keough, Eliza Scanlen, Mia Wasikowska, expectations…

Excelsior! A promising, ambitious, Marvel(ous) project that delivers a solid story, and countless hours of pure, unadulterated fun.


Announced in 2017 at E3 under the title, “Avengers Project” with a very brief and mysterious teaser, fans wouldn’t see the game again until E3’s 2019 event, with an official trailer, gameplay, and updated title. The launch trailer and gameplay showcased were received with doubt and criticism by the community. It didn’t take long before criticism surrounding the voice acting, heroes appearances (not MCU inspired), clunky and derivative gameplay, and expected micro-transactions took place amongst gamers. It is not outlandish to say that overall people were in disbelief, or at least suspicious of the quality of the game. …

After 25 years, the band forged an album that’ll leave you wanting more, and not celebrating its end.

A Celebration of Endings

Like most movies, shows, bands, and books that I love and that I am a fan of, I have a very personal attachment to Biffy Clyro. I learned about this band when one of my best friends posted a picture with the lyrics from “God & Satan”, immediately I couldn’t shake off the lyrics and once I heard the actual music I fell in love. Fast forward a couple of years, Biffy Clyro is headlining Reading & Leeds in 2013 for 170,000 fans, and I went to their concert in my hometown with that same friend a couple of months…

Sometimes holding the pickle is the right choice.

(Credits: Rotten Tomatoes)

An American Pickle starring Seth Rogen, is an adaptation of the book “Sell Out” by Simon Rich. Rogen was coming off a roller coaster of movie projects with the acclaimed “Long Shot”, straight to “The Lion King”, and shortly after into the largely negatively reviewed “Zeroville” with his buddy James Franco, naturally I was curious as to what his next project would look like. …

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